Window Options

Pro-Hardware Solution Casements and Awnings

Casement Locking Handle

  • Slim casement handle designed to eliminate interference with blinds and window treatments
  • Available in powder-coat and architectural finishes
  • Engineered to optimize security, ease of operation and flexibility
  • Super low profile with only 8mm projection
  • Handle Retainer features brush gasket to provide insect barrier

2-Bar Casement Hinges

  • Hinges that deliver the ultimate in performance
  • Technology that supports and controls projecting sashes
  • Simple snap on spring clip design for quick and easy window assembly
  • Innovative track design to provide a pull out force resistance of up to 375 lbs
  • Allow over 3.2 mm of adjustability for convenient sash alignment
  • Support sash width of up to 42” and surpass weight of 125 lbs
  • Provide maximum sash adjustability
  • Stainless steel track and Reinforced slide shoe
  • Awning hinge features friction adjustment to eliminate sash chatter


  • Operator series for casements featuring dual arm, dyad and awning operators
  • Optimized gear ratio for smooth operation of large sashes
  • Two- directional fixing design and pre-fitted foam gasket for maximum Air/Water performance
  • Operators with a design to provide superior strength and stability
  • Convenient snap-on covers for styling flexibility

Casement Locking System

  • Locking bar that provides high corrosion resistance, delivering the perfect balance of form and function
  • Adjustable mushroom head roller pins to ensure smooth operation
  • High strength all stainless steel locking bar design for impact applications

Grill Patterns

Grills are made in a variety of patterns for your window. These are just a few of the standard patterns. Almost any type of custom pattern is available

Grill Style

There are 3 different styles of grill available, that each come in specific sizes.

Grill Colours

There are a few standard colours for grills, however almost any colour is available, including two-tone; a different colour on either side of the grill to match interior and exterior colours.

*Beveled glass and V-groove also available on special order

Architectural Shapes

Our 100% lead-Free uPVC – environmentally safe vinyl technology allows you the freedom to explore new heights in windows engineering. Non-standard polygons can turn into full circles, egg shapes into hexagons, angles or curves no shape is unattainable. Due to Window-Pro’s innovation of template design. Feel comfortable with shapes.

Casing Option

  • Standard Wood
  • Mahogany Finish
  • Oak Finish
  • Custom Finish
  • Colonial Vinyl
  • Executive Vinyl

Jamb Option

  • Standard Wood
  • Mahogany Finish
  • Oak Finish
  • Custom Finish
  • Vinyl

Spacer Options

Windows Cross Section

Glass Options

Triple Pane units offer a better energy efficiency than double pane units

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Tint/Frost Options






Glue Chip

Color Options

Colours Apply to exterior and interior windows and grill options except plated grills.