Windows And Doors Installation Calgary

A poorly installed product may not operate properly and could cause drafts, water infiltration and heat loss even though the product itself is energy efficient.

Windows do a lot: help establish a home’s visual character, let in light and air, and frame views from inside. But if not installed correctly, they can become unwelcome avenues for water. Wood replacement windows are a great way to improve the appearance and value of an older or historic home. The services of a professional wood window installer are recommended for all but the most self-sufficient homeowner. Experts conduct on-site evaluations, provide ideas on window and related interior design solutions, solve problems, customize the project, and are up-front about the costs When installing vinyl basement windows, make sure to check your local building codes so that you know your new windows are code-compliant and safe.

The Calgary Vinyl Window and doors are energy efficient as well. Manufacturing them does not require huge amount of energy as in case of aluminum and wooden doors. Limited resources are used for manufacturing these frames which further means conservation of the natural resources.

They are now replacing the wooden and aluminum doors and windows. This is because the vinyl doors and windows are more durable and enjoy a longer life. At the same time, they do not require regular paint jobs and you are able to save there. Installing these doors and windows at your home is also very easy and does not require a lot of time.

Installations by All Star Home

Door and Window Center offers the services of a qualified door and window installers. Our installations are done with the greatest care. We always strive to meets factory and industry installation specifications.

Door Installations

  • Removal and haul-away of existing door.
  • Installation of door in same size square opening that is in reasonably good condition (no rotten wood).
  • Installation of existing or new hardware (supplied by customer)
  • Replacement of existing trim or installation of new trim supplied by customer.
  • Testing to ensure proper operation.
  • Cleanup after job is done.
  • Our installers will always strive to meet our customers’ expectations. We look forward to serving you in the future with you door needs.

Window Installation

  • Review of job with customer prior to start of installation
  • Removal and haul-away of existing windows (sashes) to prepare for installation
  • Installation of new windows with sill angle and header (included with window) in same size, square opening (108 UI or less) in reasonably good condition (no rotten wood)
  • Removal and replacement of existing interior window trim (new trim included or supplied by customer)
  • Caulking and insulation as required
  • Test to ensure proper operation
  • Clean up of the job site and haul-away of material and old window(s)
  • Our installers will always strive to meet our customers’ expectations. We look forward to serving you in the future with you window needs.




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