Fiberglass Bi-Fold Doors

Fiberglass Bi-Fold Doors

All Star Home Rail n Stile Bi-Fold Doors offers you thinnest the bi-fold doors on the market with maximum light and outdoor visibility! It features a low profile, high glass design with customizable dimensions on request. The ingenuity of its bi-fold structure allows for a flexible opening which provides you the illusion of a larger, more open space.  You can ensure that your home will stay protected and stylish with our slim bi-fold collection! Designed with superior craftsmanship and high class materials, you can guarantee that your home will be welcomed with a flurry of natural sunlight and beauty.

These doors are absolutely amazing and capable to make a stunning transformation of your space. They are secure, reliable, weatherproof and aesthetically appealing.

Reasons to Choose a Allstarhome Bi-fold Doors


All Star Home Bi-Folds have been extensively tested to surpass industry standards regarding durability and performance. You can ensure that our products will last for many years to come. 


Our Bi-Folds are designed to keep your home well-insulated and ready for unpredictable weather. Using light-deflecting technology and ADA certified weather stripping, you can guarantee to see your electric bill go down with time.


Resistant to a variety of climates, our Bi-Fold Doors has been rigorously tested to ensure its longevity for incomparable, high-performance for decades. 


Our beautifully crafted products are made from premium materials in a variety of luxurious finishes. They are bound to make a statement at your residence.

Ease of Operation

Made with stainless-steel bearings, pivots and carriers, our Bi-Fold Doors will allow even the largest doors to be moved quietly and smoothly without any hassle. 


Designed with a GU multi-point lock system located on every panel, our Slim Bi-fold collection offers maximum protection without the bulk. 


The stunning and customizable panoramic views of our bi-fold collection allow users to enjoy the beauty of nature without obstruction.


Easy to use and beautiful to look at, you will love the sense of freedom that our Bi-fold doors can offer you!