Egress Windows

Are Basement Egress Windows Worth It?

Egress Windows: What You Need to Know
While some homes are built with walkout basements, others are not. This creates a safety issue for anyone planning on enjoying a finished basement.
Homes with finished basements should have some form of egress (a way in and out) in the event of a fire. In fact, homeowners can’t have a legal bedroom in their basement without an egress window installed in the bedroom. While they are a great idea, basement egress windows aren’t cheap to install, based on your choice of styles, exterior and interior finishes. This leads a homeowner to ask, “are basement egress windows worth it?” The answer is very clear, “Yes.” Whether you’re looking to add value to your home or safety for your family, egress windows are definitely worth it.

Ensure a Safe Exit Route with an Egress Window

It's not something any of us like to consider or even think about it, but  we have to. Especially when we have children. If  unexpected disaster like Fire or Flood to break out on the upper floor of the house while you are in your basement, what will you do?  What would be your plan for an escape strategy? Can you squeeze yourself out through that little window  just below ceiling? 

Don’t take short cuts on these all-important health and safety considerations. Egress window certainly worth  the safety that it provides.  Most importantly Egress windows guarantees safety for you and your loved ones because  they're made with fire codes in mind.  In addition egress windows can be customized to your personal specifications that will make them beautiful  and effective.

Increase Home Value with Egress Windows!

Canadian building codes require that every bedroom have at least two exit points. This is especially relevant with a basement-upgrade project. If your home’s on fire how on earth are you going to escape up the stairs? Don’t take the easy way out by pretending you’re creating a workshop, or play room. You need an outside door (or window) that’s equipped for emergency escape.Besides making your home safe and comfortable Egress windows will add substantial value to your home. Egress window is a very affordable project and perhaps one of those projects that will allow you not only recoup your cost but doubling up on it. When you put proper size window  in your basement correctly you achieve a lasting benefit that adds genuine value to your property.

How much does installing egress window cost?

Typical range: $2100 – $5000, with an average of  $3550 .  This will include window, material and  installation .The full cost of the project depends on the several factors.
Window type, Glass quality, above grade or  below grade, quantity,prefabricated standard size or custom ordered, excavation, cutting wood or concrete ,window well,garbage disposal,  etc.

Can a Homeowner Do Part Of The Work ?

Have you ever had a project  that you knew you could do part of, but not in full ? Can the homeowner do part of the work?  The answer is yes! All Star Home is happy to do as much or as little of a project as the homeowner requires.

It’s not just safety and value

Egress windows are worth it for a whole list of reasons:

Increased Safety
Increased Lighting
Increased Air flow
Legally market a basement room as a bedroom

Does an Egress Window Sound Appealing to You?

If you would like to make your home safer, add character to your basement and increase value to your home, consider installing an egress window.  For help and support on tackling this or any other window and door project contact us at All Star Home. You can use the  form at the bottom of this page, schedule online, or give us a call.