Exterior Doors Optional Accessories

Exterior Entry Doors are designed and built specifically to accept a multi point locking system.

The Security Automatic Door Lock, European technology in a North American lock.

By simply closing the door the upper and lower 3/4" (20mm) latches will instantly engage.

By turning the key from outside or the knob from inside it will engage the 1" central deadbolt and block the top and bottom latches to become a 3-deadbolt locking system.

The Advantages

  • 20 mm tempered steel latches engage behind the strick-plat and prevent the door from wraping
  • No lifting of the handle to engage locking points
  • 90 degree thumbtrun to engage deadbolt function
  • The tapered latches always engage the keepers upon closing of the door
  • High grade 16 mm stainless steel faceplate for higher corosion resistance
  • Radiused ends on faceplate for a clean look and easy installation
  • The top and bottom locking system points:
    • give more security
    • give better weather sealing performance
    • help reduce door warpage
  • Avaliable for standerd and 8 foot doors, in 45, 50 and 60 mm baskets

Lock System Styles

European technology multi point locking system