Bay Window

Custom built Bow and Bay windows add value and style to your home. Bow and Bay windows are generally situated in the front of homes for maximum style and effect. You’ll enjoy the additional space and seating a Bow or Bay can add to your home.

Bow windows are a striking design that complements virtually any home style.

Our Bow windows consist of a combination of fixed and operating casement windows, angled in a semi-circular projection from a large room.

Add grills of all finishes and sizes, pencil to flat and don’t be afraid to accent and customize your Bay or Bow window.

Bay Windows

Bay Windows
Product Windows
ENERGY STAR® Zone(s) 1 / 2
NRCan Number NR7318-9032440-ES
Frame Material Vinyl
Sash Material Vinyl
Layers of Glazing 2
Low E Surface 3
Glazing Cavity Width (mm) 13
Glazing Cavity Fill Argon
U-factor W/m2*K (Btu/h*ft2*F) -
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient -
Air Leakage (m3/h/m) -
Effective Date (yy/mm/dd) 14/02/06
Energy Performance Certification Agency QAI
Structural Certification Agency QAI
Low E Type Soft Coat
Emissivity 0.068
Spacer Soft Coat
Tint Clear
Energy Rating -
Visual Transmittance -