Double Hung Tilt

Our Double Hung Tilt window combines classic styling with the ultimate in ventilation flexibility. Designed for comfort and energy saving, our Double Hung Window features tilt-in sashes for ease of cleaning. The upper lower sash can be vented as per your requirement


  • Standard Energy Efficient Low E Argon glass units
  • Standard Removal Screen
  • Modern contoured frame
  • Color matched cam locks
  • Triple Weather Seals
  • Low Profile Tilt Latches
  • Fusion Welded Sashes and Frames
  • Modern spiral balancers simplifying raising and lowering of sashes

Double Hung Tilt
Product Windows
ENERGY STAR® Zone(s) 1 / 2
NRCan Number NR7318-9032440-ES
Frame Material Vinyl
Sash Material Vinyl
Layers of Glazing 2
Low E Surface 3
Glazing Cavity Width (mm) 13
Glazing Cavity Fill Argon
U-factor W/m2*K (Btu/h*ft2*F) 1.7 (0.3)
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 0.52
Air Leakage (m3/h/m) 0.60
Effective Date (yy/mm/dd) 14/02/06
Energy Performance Certification Agency QAI
Structural Certification Agency QAI
Low E Type Soft Coat
Emissivity 0.068
Spacer TS-D
Tint Clear
Energy Rating 32
Visual Transmittance 0.59