Neat+™ Glass. A New Generation,

Mother Nature + Science = Cleaner Windows.

Window cleaning is a chore. Exterior window surfaces require constant maintenance, but not so with Neat+ glass. Neat+ means glass stays cleaner longer. And when you must clean your glass, it’ll be easier and fast.

Neat+ uses a combination of static dissipation to reduce the amount of dust on the window’s surface, along with help from the sun to break down greenhouse gases and other pollutants to keep the window naturally cleaner.

Conductive Surface: 40% Less Dust.


Neat+ is more conductive than uncoated glass, which results in a dissipation of static charge on the surface. Test results from an outside lab show 40% less dust on the Neat+ surface compared to uncoated glass.

TiO2 Coating: Advanced Photoactivity.

The titanium dioxide layer of Neat+ glass reacts chemically with the sun’s UV rays and causes greenhouse gases and other pollutants that are on the glass to decompose. Neat+ is 25% more photoactive than the original Neat glass.