Specialty Shaped Windows


Special shapes will add elegance and a distinct look for your home. At ALL STAR HOME the shapes of your Calgary Window are only limited by your imagination. Circles, arches, curves, trapezoids, we can build almost any shape you can imagine. Make your home unique and energy-efficient with our custom shape window.

Specialty Shaped Window Features

  • Available in 4 1/2" welded frame
  • Virtually no restriction in regards to shape or size
  • Available in arches, circles, curves or angles

Exterior Co lour Options

Sandalwood- Ivory- Gray- Brown 


Customized Solutions: 


With our exclusive window and door product focus and decades of hands on experience, the architectural team at  ASH Window & Door is experts in finding solutions for complex, custom projects.  Whether you’re looking to execute a unique idea or have an intricate historical replication project, our mission is to help you bring your visions to life.  Our team is on hand to help you as much or as little as you need.

2013 Top Choice Award Winner for  Best Window and Door Company in Calgary.

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