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Good insulation is the key to an energy-efficient home but, unfortunately, poorly weatherproofed doors and windows will negate any benefits you may gain by packing the walls and roof with fiberglass or cellulose.

The gaps between doors and windows and the walls should be insulated before trim is applied, but you can easily do this afterwards.
You should also caulk around the trim and the windows and add weather stripping on the door jambs and window frames.

One way to save on energy costs is to stop drafts in your home. Two of the biggest contributors to energy loss are your windows and doors. Adding weather strip to windows and doors stops the drafts. The simplest weather strip to use is a self-adhesive foam weather strip. The foam weather strip installs like tape, but provides the seal you desire. Foam weather strip is available at home improvement centers.




Exterior doors generally come in two varieties: hinged or sliding (such as sliding patio doors). Exterior doors are generally made of metal or wood. Sliding patio doorframes are usually made of metal or vinyl, and resemble a large horizontal sliding window.
Windows and exterior doors deteriorate over time due to age, usage, exposure to the weather and wear and tear. Proper maintenance will ensure that they remain in good working order for as long as possible, and continue to function well in terms of providing clear vision to the outdoors, as well as providing security, access, light.
Doors that are constructed of steel also give the homeowner protection from the elements as well as security. Other types of storm doors offer full glass to windows that raise to let in the fresh air. Some types include double hydraulic closer's to compensate for the weight of the door.



Window Replacements

Our ENERGY STAR™ qualified window collection offer a fresh and contemporary look to meet the most demanding design requirements. The clean style is achieved through smooth lines, beveled exteriors and attractive hardware. Choose from a wide variety of glass, color and grid options to create the perfect window for your architectural needs.

Get professional advice and quality installation of your Energy Efficient Vinyl Window from a top manufacturer in the business. From concept to completion, We provides satisfaction at a reasonable cost. Our company has a solid reputation for quality and craftsmanship. We provide retail contractors, homeowners, wholesalers and custom builders with a vast selection of ENERGY STAR™ qualified replacement window.



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